Music Monday: Progeny + We Are Twin

Mondays are always faced with either of the two: the excitement that it's another week, or dread that the weekend is really over. But with the new work week comes new music. It's been a routine of sorts for me to check twitter and my go-to music blogs for anything I may have missed over the weekend. Nothing says "Good morning!" better than a set of new tunes. So why not put those headphones on, turn the volume up, and get lost in the music to get you pumped for the new week?

Despite seeing this band live twice, something that only happens when I really really like a band (don't judge, I honestly don't go out much), it's taken a while for me to listen to their recorded stuff. Like the CDs they gave away a few months ago. What got me to like Progeny is how great they are live. Something that I'm a bit critical to. With a memorable rock performance at Odyssey Megamall back in May, I know it's only a matter of time till they make it big.

If you loved that track, then you're probably gonna love that you can grab their ep free on their soundcloud. Y'all know how much I love free music. Especially when they're really really good. Progeny is currently working on their album, so I'll just sit here waiting as patiently as patient gets.

I've been a regular visitor and huge fan of the website Indie Shuffle. I even have their app on my phone so I can listen to random artists when I'm out of the office. This is the first time I've skipped importing my entire music library to my phone. Because who needs that when you can listen and discover artists? This was the first thing I got to listen to today. WE ARE TWIN's The Way We Touch is so happy and dancy, it's pretty perfect to start the work week with. I love them already.

Their self-titled album is out now, so go get it on iTunes, amazon, or google play. Hooray!


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