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I've been swimming in so much music-related things the last few weeks, I haven't been doing shoots for a while now. And though I'm having a lot of fun editing videos, taking pictures, and listening to even more music, I do miss packing a big bulky bag and taking portraits. A few weeks ago, I did a shoot with the fabulous Rhea Bue. The first and last time we've been together was for the Snoe Beauty video last year! After the adventure that is the commute to her apartment (note to self: learn how to drive!), everything went better than great. What was supposed to be a shoot for her new collection for her flower headband line il fiore crafts, it turned into a near anything goes fun shoot.

Seeing all her supplies made me miss that time when I would stay up late making beaded necklaces for the holidays. And I did get a taste of it while winging props for our shoot while Rhea was getting her hair and makeup did by the ever awesome Madz Rausa.

It was fun working with her and her happy energy. I'd often catch her humming while getting a few things in order. Or maybe that's because I forgot to bring music (ironic) and speakers to the shoot! Working with a fashion blogger and stylist also has great perks. Like me not having to bring a section of my closet to a shoot. Although I enjoy styling my shoots, having someone else think about the outfits and accessories, and putting them together during shoots makes my life so much easier. Makes things flow so much better too! That's why it was easy for six hours to fly by without us even noticing. So happy with how the photos turned out.

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