A great year for music

Before anything else, stop what you're doing because Thirty Seconds to Mars is coming in a few hours when they finally release Up In The Air! And at NASA, no less! Clearly this band knows how to make an entrance after literally launching their single to space early this month. I've heard an acoustic version of it in the early early stage of recording via VyRT, and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like now. If you're as excited as I am (o just curious), you can check out the live q+a happening in a few hours via VyRT!

Paramore just last week released their new single, Still Into You, at SXSW. It's different. Paramore's sound is very different from what, I guess, we've all been so used to. I'm still unsure about whether I love it or not. I thought it was alright. But you know alright isn't exactly "good enough". But I can't wait for their new album to be out! I'm not sure, but I think you'll be able to buy a copy of Still Into You at iTunes on the 18th too! (Or 19th if you live in my side of the planet)

A bunch of other things, which isn't really news anymore unless you've been under a rock: The Postal Service is back. And so is Fall Out Boy. I've already gone crazy over the news so I'm relatively calm now, as I type. I wonder if The Postal Service will ever come out with a new album. I've always loved their songs. I think it's timeless.

Speaking of Fall Out Boy, this happened over tumblr.

Patrick Stump. Replied to me. I've been freaking out over this when it happened. Naturally, I'd take a screenshot in case tumblr freaks out and deletes random things. But what are the chances?! This was a brief exchange about his post on the culture of hate. There are a lot of things, songs, and artists I dislike, but I never thought of it as good enough reason to go right to their faces (or their backs) and wipe my distaste on everybody's faces. And for the record, I don't think I'd ever dislike Fall Out Boy. Ever. And it's just surreal that the person who created some of the songs in the soundtrack of my life just read and responded to me. Is this real life?



    Also if the other bands we talked about come. x)