Weekend Playlist

Probably the first playlist of the year. Things never slowed down since the final stretch of 2012, and I'm not complaining. Well, except I've been getting pretty sickly this year and it's only February. But! Being under the weather is no excuse to not hear some great music! Here are some great stuff I've stumbled upon this week.

I am a HUGE Walk the Moon fan, in case anyone even missed that, and this remix is just awesome. I love the shift of pace that they've done. And don't mind me, but the beat reminds me of a Goldfrapp song, and a bit of another Walk the Moon track - Iscariot.

The Voice alum Lindsey Pavao has just released a track called No Revelation. That right there is good reason to go get her new album when it drops. I've never really been one of those people who follow reality singing competition alums long after their season ends, but you'll hear right there why I'd make an exception without giving it much thought. Her voice is amazing, and I can't wait to hear more from her. You can get No Revelation at Lindsey Pavao's bandcamp page.

Just recently, Tegan and Sara released Heartthrob, and I am yet to hear the entire album. I've seen people rave about Tegan and Sara. And although I have a number of their tracks in my iTunes, I'm not really sure where to begin because I don't seem to be on the same boat they are. But just like how I first got to listen to Imagine Dragons, a remix always gets me on board. This time with The Knocks. Because their version of M83's Midnight City was enough to convince me that everything they touch turns to gold.

Another artist I've listened to recently is Tom Odell. And I loved him the moment I heard Another Love. Heard him first on BBC Radio 1 a little after another band was featured on the show. One of those rare occasions when I actually even bother listening to the radio. Radio is not dead. I just happen to live in a place where very few (maybe around two) radio stations play good music. Anyway, Another Love is gorgeous. I can't wait for Tom's album to come out on March!

So much good stuff keeps coming and I can barely keep up. But this is all too exciting! I'm just praying for some downtime so I can finally go through all of them before they swallow me whole.

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