Late last year, I've signed up for a music photography workshop under one of the photographers I really look up to. Here are the photos from our first assignment/session/something. Obviously someone's terrible at labeling things.

These were taken back in October, I think, at Greenhills. Honestly, I've been quietly freaking out the entire night. It's one thing to randomly show up at a gig and take photos, and an entirely different thing when you have the whole "everything you do from this moment may/may not be evaluated" thing going on. I may have successfully psyched myself down that night and the days after that, thinking I've done a fantastically crap job at taking photos.

The only time I got a proper look at them was weeks later when I finally got to show them to my mentor. I'm not kidding when I wished (as she was looking at it) that the ground would swallow me up. Turns out it was all me, and the photos weren't as terrible as I feared. I just dread thinking that I've done a terrible job at something. Or anything.

And looking at all of them now, months later, they didn't turn out as bad as I feared. I'm even in love with a couple of them shots, and I can't wait to go out and shoot again. It's been video and beauty shoots lately, and I can't wait to get my camera back and go to more gigs this year. Taking photos and great live music is always a great combination in my books.

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