Philippine Fashion Week S/S Day 5

The day I worked my "Jared Pants". Okay, that sounds so wrong. If you remember me posting my musician style inspirations, then maybe you'll get why I'm calling them "Jared Pants". Yes, I know they're harem pants. I think. What else is new, I'm terrible at remembering names. It's a visual person's curse, I guess.

So this, is what I wore. Did a little diy on that gold chain. As part-time domestic goddess, sometimes, a girl runs out of time to deconstruct her spike earrings and turn it to some golden badass necklace. So why not just knot it so it doesn't fall off? Yes, the triad necklace is a staple. The pants really works well with my ferocious shoes! Shows the badass thing off. I love them. And as you can see, My obsession with spikes is far from over. Did a little shopping last week and I nearly went crazy at this store selling everything with studs and spikes! They also sell spiked bras, but I have nowhere to rock them. Also, my indecency has its limits. So no showing off of spiked undergarments. I am yet to see some spiked knickers. Those would be fun for a photo shoot.

This would be the perfect day to take someone on their first PhFW. The collections were stunning! It was so much fun spending the afternoon with Iya of MissPLPify and Krinkle! I had no idea they went to school together! Such fun. I think this was their first PhFW. Of course after the shows, a few drinks, and some obligatory outfit shots were more picture taking! So we decided to take some head shots for Iya. Sayang naman ang bonggels na hairdo if we don't document it!

Day 5 by far was my favorite. The looks on the runway were insane. I've never been this hung over from runway shows, and I'm letting it settle for as long as it does. Day 5 is also my last day at PhFW. I've had an insanely wonderful week, but this week is just bound to get intense. With work. Photos of the collections from Day 5 are coming. And brace yourselves, because they're absolutely breathtaking. Also, this is the final stretch of fashion week photos, so why not end with a bang, right?

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