Jerome Salaya Ang S/S 2013

I've been a fan of Jerome Salaya Ang since seeing one of his dresses up close last year. If I wasn't this curvy I would've stolen it. Okay, not the best thing to say on such a public platform, but hey, the dress was gorgeous. I may have no idea where I'd wear them but I love it anyway. So it was no secret or surprise that I was looking forward to seeing his Spring/Summer collection.

Fancy this very much!

I really like how flowy and seemingly forgiving this is. I've a lot to hide, so this is purrfect ;)

I've been hit with the flu after several days out on meetings and shoots with Miss PLPify (can't thank you enough gerl!) that I completely lost track of my posts! The fashion week spam is not over yet, and I've recently gone through the rest of the photos and scheduled them before I lose track of it again. Besides, the closing post for my PhFW spam is worth the wait.

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