Behind the Scenes: Shutterspace shoot with le gerls

The fashion week posts are not over yet. But the amount of work that begs to be done this month literally ate up the time supposed to be spent going through photos. I'm at a shoot right now, and looks like I'll be at it all day, which is great. I love photoshoots. They're the next best thing I can get to an actual workout, because I always forget to sit down when at shoots. Despite having lots of chairs around. Here's a preview of our photoshoot with Miss PLPify, Krinkle, Ysa, and Tweenay at Shutterspace Studios.

I think I've lost bits of my spark after the lack of personal work the last few months. Once this workload passes, I can't wait to finally share another motherload of photos taken weeks (or it it a month?) ago. I've been keeping some sets lately because I have issues like that. Plus the great depression that passed. It's okay. I'm okay. I'm over it. And there's so much to look forward to before the month ends!

Bit of behind the scenes juju about the video: I didn't pick that track I used (it's Ellie Goulding's Hanging On, btw, and you can get it here) until after I've laid all the video down and a different song all cut to time. Was supposed to use Anything Can Happen because I was LSSing so bad that day. But the intro was fun. Makes lots of room for stuttering clips and jump-cuts. And in times where I lack some creative spark, it's great to have plugins like Magic Bullet and Twitch for the extra pak.

Model: Miss PLPify
Hair and Makeup: Teena Arches

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