Philippine Fashion Week S/S Day 2

So the blog took a week-long hiatus. Now I will start a good series of posts on Philippine Fashion Week! This is what I wore to what was supposed to be my second day at the SMX.

Much time and effort was put on that blazer! It was my grandmother's. And for a very long time it stayed in my closet because I don't know what I'd do with it, really. That was until this year I decided I'd embellish it, but not before I sort out the lining. But being the girl who can't sew to save her life, all I did was rip the lining out and let it stay in my closet again. Until I saw this outfit on Christina Aguilera.

I love her blazer, and that was my lightbulb moment! So for three days and a few more hours at night, me and our angel were beading like mad. I haven't had a proper night's sleep until this blazer was done, and it was so pretty! We've been sewing till the hour I had to leave. It reminds me of one of those episodes on Project Runway, and for a moment I prayed Tim Gunn would magically appear and tell us "Make it work!" But honestly, it was fun and almost therapeutic sewing beads on this blazer. I want to do it again!
Beads beads beads and sequins!
Got to see two shows that night thanks to Josh and his extra invite to the SM show. Here's his vumo-volume lewk.

Enzo. Lumu-lookbook pose. 

Josh and Enzo. Guest starring Patrick at the back. lols
Photos from Day 2's shows will be in another series of posts. Group shows give you a lot to process.

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  1. whoa!! looove your blazer!! galing!!