Two-day photoshoot

Tha gang! Day One group hug.
[L-R] Denise, Isha, Maiko, Brent, Miss A, Dilly, Lj, Me, and Cholo
A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine organized a little fun shoot and gathered a few fab friends to be part of it. It's just dandy when you've got people like photographers, models, dancers, and makeup artists on speed dial. I do (*cough* Miss A *cough*). So should you, when you've found "The One". Here are some of my shots from our shoot.

Day One
Denise Gella
Dilly Guerrero

Lj ServaƱez

Isha Aguilar

What's funny about this was that despite how exhausted I was from the shoot, I still managed to wake up every hour or so since midnight, thanks to the summer heat. Caught a livestream at 6am, which ended much later than I anticipated (which I don't mind at all), and managed to stay awake the entire time. And just when I decided to stay home and get some rest, crisis strikes. The MUA can't make it, and the two photographers from day 1 can't either. And one of them was our lighting guy. With a model coming in from up north, and a clock ticking, that left me and another photographer to shoot, and I can't not be there. To my surprise, the photos turned out pretty well for someone who's deathly afraid of handling studio lights.

Day Two 
Mills Espina

My day two photos kinda remind me of the 90's. I dunno. It just has that old school 90's studio shots vibe. Must be those old prints I saw at this creepy photo studio we had a photoshoot in a couple of years back. But I like it. I like playing with gels. And I'm having a little fling with hair lights and glare and stuff. 

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