Sunnies I Want

Sunnies are forever a staple to anyone's wardrobe. Even a girl like me who's blind without her glasses have figured out a workaround on the sunnies department. How can you step out of the house in broad daylight without one? Especially now, when roadtrips are at the TOP of everyone's lists this weekend. The first thing that comes to mind for me on the subject of sunnies is Karen Walker. Ever since I stumbled upon her site, I've been in love with her sunglasses. They're always so edgy, and fun, that it even makes mopheads and brooms look tres tres chic.

I also enjoy looking through her site, which changes every season to suit the latest collection. Speaking of her latest, here are my favorites.
But if I had to pick just one off the recent collection, I'd pick the leftmost. There's a part of me that wants one of her pieces every season. They're just to beautiful! And with these lovelies on, don't you just wish it was sunny everyday?

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