Slow down

Just as I feared, my weekend plans have all been scrapped. which did me a lot of good. It's been days since I read my copy of Game of Thrones, and I intend to finish it before the new season begins. Slow down weekends usually mean having the house to myself with nothing but domestic duties on my to-do list.
It also means my terrible eating habits kick in. Because it's lazy days like these that I refuse to go out no matter how empty our fridge is. And the weekend's been a bit rainy so I crave nothing more than hot cocoa and cookies while diving into a really thick book.

After days and days on end crafting, I finally got to photograph each item and get them ready for my online store. It's been a while since I made accessories, and I'm so happy with how different these pieces are from the ones I used to make.

My online store opens today! Hooray! I've been meaning to launch it this month and I'm so happy it's finally up! More pieces will be added to the store in the coming weeks. And a lookbook too! I'm starting off with the simple pieces. Stay tuned for the more elaborate neon pieces. I'm obviously all about them this season.

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