Stay Shotgun Till The Day I Die

Walk The Moon, in case you haven't heard yet, is one of my absolute FAVORITE bands out there. And it gave me such joy to know that they are with Neon Gold. Neon Gold to me is like Terno. Terno Recordings. Those names/labels for me are synonymous with good music. And this Walk The Moon track was just put on repeat all afternoon yesterday. I hope I get a copy of their re-released Anna Sun EP, because whatever new tracks they have in there, I wanna hear it so bad! For now, let me give you something
to be LSS on:

If you had an early/pre-superstardom copy of I want! I Want! via bandcamp, it's more than obvious how much they have changed in sound. Somewhere in the song you get a hint of Marina (and the Diamonds) and The Killers, and it sounds AH-MAYZINGGGG. While Anna Sun was the soundtrack of summer 2010/2011, Next In Line is sure to be the anthem for summer 2012. Perfection.

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