My Summer Peg

Summer is just around the corner (not really, but it's good to start early), and now's the perfect time to wear something of color. I whine to no end on how my wardrobe is eternally filled with blacks and greys, so why not stock up on colorful pieces?

While most people go for pastels, why not go for neons? I am. And I'm keeping an eye out for some colorful and breezy shoes. And if like me, you've got a thing for studs and spikes, THIS pair of McQueens would be on your Neon Shoe WANT List.  
If like some people you need a bag for every season (which I think is highly impractical), these should make a nice addition to your collection. They are adorable, and if I didn't have a "one bag till it dies" thing enforced, I'd probably get one of these.

I'm not a big believer of owning excessive amounts of luggage, but to each her own. What I DO believe in, is that a lady can never have enough shoes. We need options!

If I didn't make my own jewelry, here are some of the pieces I'd definitely buy and wear all summer long. And maybe till I get tired of wearing so much color.

As you can see, I have officially moved into my "neon phase". And it's gonna get much much better. Do stay tuned, I'll be posting a peek at a few pieces I'm working on for summer. That is, in case you missed them on my twitter.

So, what's your peg for summer?

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