I was getting ready to sign out when I realized I have never posted these photos from last year's shoot! Hello backlog. *insert sheepish laugh* I've had these photos processed and sent months ago, but never got to post them anywhere. Until now. This was one of the edgier sets we did that day. Very K-Pop meets...Rock n' Roll?

Fire exits are one of my favorite places to shoot. Back in college, me and my friends would spend hours at one of the building's fire exits in school taking pictures. For this shoot, I have to say, that had to be the most well lit fire exit I have ever been to.

Quite bummed that my photoshoot tomorrow won't push through. It doesn't happen very often with our group that everything goes perfectly well with the organizing and all. I knew it was too good to be true! The bright side of it is: me and my best friend are going shopping. It's about time I got new pieces for my closet, and not my bookshelf!

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  1. Thank you for posting these photos it was fun working with you guys! - Ann Luyun :)