Philippine Fashion Week: Russel Villafuerte

There are always a couple of shows I look forward to seeing every PhFw. One would be any show that has Russel Villafuerte on. I love his work. I've been a huge fan of his since I first saw him at Project Runway Philippines. His works are artsy, and edgy, and as his new collection shows, very wearable.

Oh if only those clothes would fit me, I'd get every single piece. I also love how his shows are put together, from the styling and the music. I remember his FW2011 show that had Baraka playing in the background. I love the military inspiration and the use of leather, and well, everything about it. Definitely one of my favorites. And don't these looks scream Rockstar?! All the more reason to love them ALL.
The designer: Russel Villafuerte

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