The obligatory chains and spikes

You don't go to a rock concert without some metal (and metal-looking) bad-assery on you.
The 5-pound necklace on Abby that weighs as much as a 7D with an L-lens c/o Josh.
(Of course I had to describe it that way! :P)
The amputated look. Me and my spiked wristband.
I can't believe there were people who showed up in platforms. How to you last, what, 5-6 hours standing and jumping in those? No photos of it though. My camera died. Also, I found this odd pirate with skulls pendant on the ground when the concert was over. Apparently I was one of those people who jumped on it. Sorry. I guess pendants are a no-no to these things. Unless you intend to lose or damage them.

Note to self: Dress up more despite the possibility of getting soaked. But skip the white.

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