30 Seconds to Mars in Manila: One night to remember

The night I knew what it felt like. To be so soaked in the rain my jeans were dripping. To dance in the rain while singing at the top of my lungs. And to be in a moshpit! Which, I was looking forward to. In a nutshell, it was EPIC. LEGENDARY. With expletives and profanities. Because in the words of Sam #1 in Happythankyoumoreplease, "don't swear". But you cannot fully describe the show without it. And did I mention it was pouring? Honestly there were jokes amongst the crowd that sales in paracetamol will rise after this concert. I agree. So would harem pants and ponchos. Jared's got the style. I love his style. I really do.
photo from Jap SeƱir
I have a thing for menswear. Must be the years and years of being told to not wear pants that did it, but really. There's something about guy clothes on a girl that I really dig. And seriously, I love the poncho and pants. I think they're quite weather friendly in these parts. On a side note, I did see a photo of Jared wearing a skirt.
Enough on Jared's style and more of the night itself! Kjwan opened the show, which was awesome. I can't think of a better local act to open the show and get the crowd warmed up. People were singing and cheering in the rain! It's buh-bye umbrellas once the show started.

Above are some of the photos I managed to take without the rainwater and condensation blocking the view. There are a couple of moments that stood out that night. One, was Jared calling out that guy "in the yellow shirt", which I think freaked the daddy next to me (not my dad, some kid's dad, which I thought was sweet.) because he started rocking right along with us when the next song started! And I mean fists in the air jumping to the beat. Insane. Of course, there's the memorable "Philippines, Ikaw NA!" line that made everybody scream. It's a local slang, which in that particular moment meant "You're awesome!", or "You're the best!". Beats the usual "Kamusta" or "Mabuhay" greeting we get so much, eh? To the beki (or beki at heart) that taught him to say that, "you already".
Photo from
I was looking forward to the acoustic version of Alibi and Hurricane, which was amazing, and beautiful. I also loved singing Vox Populi with everyone! I love love love that song. And Kings and Queens! Which has to be one of my favorite songs off their This is War album. I loved everything that night. Even the annoying douche at the crowd. Really. Every ounce of self control was used to not tell him off. But, as my friend and I's motto goes: idaan nalang natin sa sayaw. (Let's just dance it off). And dance we did. And sing. At the top of our lungs. Till our voice ran out and had to breathe and get it back and repeat. I was expecting myself to be down with the flu with the rain and sweat and all, but no. Still all well. Fantastic. I want to go to their show again. Anywhere. It was by far, one of the best nights I've had of 2011, and possibly THE best show I've been to ever.
I posted this a few weeks before the concert to encourage my bosses to approve a loan so I can go. It didn't work. But hey, I've got the will, and the universe paved the way. I wasn't serious about thinking that being there would be a "life experience", but I guess I can't take that back now. Because really, it was.

Shannon, Jared, and Tomo: Kayo na!

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