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The past few weeks have been filled with nothing but work. And if I wasn't working, I'd be procrastinating via youtube and tumblr. It's the post-concert depression, I'm told. But hey, I only found that out recently. Although it seems to have happened a little more than it did last year. Anyway, I'm taking this very short time of pretend availability (I still have calendars and planners to design) typing up this post to show the world, at long last, my big "makeover".

To give you a quick intro on this said "makeover", it's been a long time coming. If money was never a factor to consider in this said "makeover", I would've been done and living it a year ago. But no. So with a slow and steady shift of pieces in my closet, and letting my hair grow into this ombre "I'm too lazy to go to a salon and have my roots touched up every so often" look, I decided it's time to chop it all off. Not everything, of course. But since I've been in charge of my "look", I've never had my hair grow shorter than a shoulder grazing length.
Before and a temporary "After" photo.
And then I do this. Have parts of my hair literally shaved off, a la Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. Minus the tears. If I was going through a rock and roll style phase, might as well have the hair match, right? But to keep it all safe, lest the parentals have a heart attack, it had a wholesome vs. edgy thing. Wholesome is when the shaved parts were covered, similar to Posh Spice's bob. The edgy thing, well, that's what you see in the "After" photo. Honestly, I miss my long long hair sometimes. But I love my short hair now. So low maintenance when I want it to.

Decent "new hair" photos are coming soon.

PS. I haven't had a decent photo shoot for two months now! If there's anyone out there interested in collaborating and modelling for me in the coming week-ends, let me know. My camera weeps with me.

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