Like royalty

It was only last week when the royal wedding happened, and for some reason I just can't help but watch another "royal" movie. Here are a few picks (beyond the cliché Elizabeth. Although I do love Cate Blanchette).

I love love love the trailer. I'll be watching it later today. Something to look forward to indeed. I love the cast. Come on, Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, HELENA BONHAM CARTER? Obviously I love her. I really reaelly do.

Co-produced by no less than THE Martin Scorsese should be enough to make you watch this film if you haven't. I saw this for the second time yesterday, and I am still in love with it. The script was beautiful, and so were the costumes and the cast. Especially the leads. Emily Blunt was amazing! And how charming was Rupert Friend? This movie is worth watching over and over. I may make time to watch it again today.

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