Conversation Pieces

A few months ago, we finally moved to a place we can call our own. We've been renting for years since typhoon Xangsane (locally named Milenyo) brought half our house underwater. The moment it was final, that after years of restraint (I've been itching to decorate and personalize every room I got), I can decorate my own room in whatever way I please, it was all I could think of! That led me to spending hours and hours browsing The Cool Hunter, Interior Decline, and Mi Casa Su Casa for days and days on end.
My room as seen from the door. Yay floating books!
The room isn't fully decorated yet, but I'm super happy with it. The wall color isn't exactly what I had in mind (I'm more of a "paint the walls white" and "furnish & decorate it with pastels" type of person), but it still screams "me". Somehow. I'll probably repaint it when I get enough funds. For now, I enjoy the nightly staring contests with my books and magazines.
Art related books. And "life" related books.
Fashion and lifestyle books. Camilla Morton and Nina Garcia books are <3
The rest of the gang. Novels, novels, and MORE novels!
Fashion magazines, mostly. And photography magazines. And Computer Arts Projects! And Wills and Kate on the cover of Reader's Digest.
The best part of the room. Other than my cozy bed.
These aren't photoshopped. Those are invisible bookshelves I bought from Dimensione which I had mounted immediately. I love how everyone finds it super cool and curious. Which is the point exactly. Instant conversation starter. It's also a nifty way of showing off my collection of books.
I'm dedicating the empty space (on the right) for a more conventional bookshelf, with a layer to show off my tiny kimmi dolls. I'm also working on putting vinyl wall stickers on the corner to make it more interesting. Hopefully by Christmas this room is officially DONE.

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