There and back again. A blogger's pretend tale.

Welcome to yet another blog! Yes, I am back on blogger again. I honestly have nothing remarkable to add here. At the moment. Although I'd love to share something I bought this weekend!
Mini cookbooks for only P172! So worth it. <3
I'm very much into cooking, and I've been making and altering pretty much the same dishes, so I decided to pick up this up and make new ones. Can't wait to get started on this one!
El cheapo feathers
I also got these super duper cheap feathers at Market! Market! to turn into earrings and hair pieces. I have this concept in mind for a photoshoot, which hopefully pushes through soon. I've been making accessories way back in high school, and I can't wait to really get back to making accessories.
Beaded necklace made from two years ago.
This was a necklace I made about two years ago for fun. It was so much fun, it started selling and I stopped sleeping for the holiday season to meet the demands. I miss those days. Those earrings were a gift. I love styling shoots. I think I've styled most of my shoots, and that makes them all the more fun. I miss taking pictures of people already! I've been shooting food so much these past few days.


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