I Love Summertime Sadness

Back from my little disappearing act from the interwebs, I've rekindled my fondness of remixes and edm. All while internally cringing in shame at how my preferences have gone from pre-trend to on-trend on the far end of the bandwagon. I guess my inner hipster is more than well and alive. *internally cringes mid-dance*

I've been having the case of the pre-summertime sadness, and drastic measures were taken. My instagram, unfortunately, being a casualty of sorts. But now that I'm back, I'm trying to recall the 100 something people I've followed on there. If you have a taste for a bunch of random images, or have some must follow instagrammers on your list, you can go follow or tag me here.

While ironically semi-moping here are a couple of really fun tracks I've been loving over at soundcloud.

Over the last few weeks I've been feeling a bit limited by google's storage limit for images and am re-considering going back to tumblr. Yay or nay?


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