Happy tattoo day, Flying Ipis!

First band I get to watch this year, also happens to be the last local band I got to see last year. I just realized this yesterday. Last show I got to see was Metric. Right before the mandatory house arrest. Thanks asthma! Anyway, I've been dying to go see bands again, so this was a great start for 2014. And I arrived just in time to catch Flying Ipis already playing! *insert mini panic attack*

This was my first time at Ronac Art Center, and I was expecting it to be this huge space filled with architectural goodness. But no. It was a small gorgeous space that looks good at every angle. Makes sense that a lot of engagement shoots are also done here.

It was my first time hearing Cheats live (I seriously need to get out more. haha), and I wasn't expecting their sound to be that much fun. Also I've been wondering for a while about why they have so many people in their band. Not that it matters, since they sound great.

To celebrate Flying Ipis's 10k likes on facebook, they had this little event where they get matching Ipis Bolt tattoos, plus play a new song live. I've never watched the actual process of getting tattooed before, and I'm genuinely curious. I've been thinking of getting a couple of tattoos myself, but not soon. Anyway, it doesn't look as painful as I thought.

Except for that part where one of the artists was coloring the bolt in and I could see about five needles simultaneously sinking in. I'm not exactly fond of needles, so that part was pretty terrifying. But the results look worth facing my fear of needles, no?

I also got my second copy of their album (which honestly, I've never really done before. But then again, I've never had someone get my first copy before), and a Flying Ipis shirt! Got all kilig to have mine signed. Finally. Promise, nahiya ako to ask. But we're all there, and I have my silver marker with me.

But it was super nice of them to sign it. It was a great chill afternoon of good music, new people, and me watching people get inked. Nice chill start for the year. Thank you and congratulations Flying Ipis!


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