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Many many things have magically landed in my life as of late, and some of them are pretty cool stuff. Like new music. Because nothing makes me happier than fresh new music. And ice cream. And some vodka. But let's stick to music.

Early last week, GROUPLOVE's new album has finally arrived! With Never Trust A Happy Song relatively new in my playlist (discovered them early last year), of course it doesn't feel like their debut was that long ago. But with my internet connection unstable, I had to wait till a day or two after to finally get my copy. And I love it! I love their slight change in sound. It's still signature Grouplove, but better. They've always been my go-to artist for every time I need a little extra bucket of sunshine in my system. Their single, Ways To Go is exactly that. Their new album, Spreading Rumours opens with I'm With You, something that sounds nothing like the Grouplove I was used to. They've taken a new electronic sound with this album, evolving without losing the very essence of their sound. Other than Ways To Go, Shark Attack was one I easily enjoyed. My favorites off the new album seem to be the ones closest to the sound of their previous one. Looks like despite Grouplove being such great joy to listen to, Spreading Rumours may take some time to ease into and love in its entirety.

A review for Give Ipis A Chance may be way too late, but I only got it about a few weeks ago, so maybe it's not really too late? I've been a fan of local all-girl punk rock band Flying Ipis since hearing their single Sssikreto on the radio two years ago. And for someone who doesn't take spending money lightly, their album is worth every peso. Not a day goes by since buying it has the album not played at least twice. I love it. Most played songs in the album right now are Hindi Yan Totoo and Over and Over Again. One thing about this album tho, is that it doesn't capture the kind of fire they have live. This is great to keep and put on repeat tho, till you catch them on their next gig. Because their sound on record has nothing on their high energy live performances.

And just this week, Chvrches has finally released The Bones of What You Believe! So happy to finally have my digital paws on that one and hear the rest of the album. Their influences are very clear in this one and I am enjoying every second of it. The Mother We Share is still my favorite off the album, while Revolver holds a close second [edit] Martin singing in Under the Tide has me. I love this track so much I probably love it the most in the album![/edit] It's such a fun album to start your day with. Very 80's pop that makes me want to dance my way into the work day. So glad to finally not be in the mercy of their soundcloud page and my crap internet connection to get my Chvrches fix. So much buzz on them lately, and it's easy to see why. Lauren is one to love and hate. She looks + sounds so young and oh so talented! How people like these exist is a wonder to me. I am such a fan.

I keep getting digital copies of foreign albums thinking that it isn't as expensive, but it really isn't. But I want to make as much space in my room as possible for when I finally get it properly decorated and start getting vinyls. I know, I know, what a hipster. But when I did a brief internship at a local studio, nothing sounds as good as vinyl. But I do have a rule for album purchases, especially for local acts: get them straight from the artist. The warm and fuzzy feels goes both ways, which is extra nice.


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