These days I rely heavily on the internet for my music fix. Well, I rely on the internet a whole lot, with my day job very much dependent on it. With that, I've been searching for a good place to discover new music. And the good kind. There's a feeling of undeniable satisfaction for me when I get to hear a really good band before most people. But maybe that's my inner hipster. This is where comes in. I've been relying on bandcamp for some months now for my local music fix, and ndfy is such a breath of fresh air. I do get a bit kilig at our twitter exchanges from time to time. So obviously I'd be tres stoked for NDFY Live: MaharLikha. It's a pretty clever play on the words Maharlika, meaning elite, and Likha, which means create. I'm super stoked to watch Autotelic, Library Kids, and Your Imaginary Friends again. And hopefully catch tide/edit, similarobjects, and The Strangeness live for the first time. Of course, I'm excited to hear the rest of the bands for the first time. You know what they say about firsts. ;)

“The event is more than about NDFY; it’s about the independent Filipino artist who continues to produce original music despite the current circumstance of the industry. #NDFYLive: MaharLikha is to celebrate our independent Filipino artists’ creative freedom – they are an elite class of Filipinos who deserve to be heard and respected, given their creative contributions to the Filipino culture,” -- Glen Macadaeg, NDFY CEO

NDFY Live: MaharLikha is happening on Tuesday, June 11th, 8pm at The Collective and B-Side. Check out the event page on facebook for more details. See y'all then!


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