Sweetest things

Been "offline" the first two weeks of the week to make up for the days I had to work while being sick. I'm feeling much better now, and have made the most of the one-day (the second day was spent semi-working because of deadlines) sleeping and hanging out with mother who just got back! I feel absolutely blessed to have such sweet sweet people in my life.

I last two days before my birthday shooting, and spent every spare minute cleaning the house. Cancelled videoke night with my college friends on the 24th, and opted that my best friend and I just have a chill dinner out after my shoot. Little did I know, my scheming best friend was going to do a little surprise thing for me!

Princess Paola gave me Sorrow. Literally. That's this kyoot little kimmidoll.
Didn't take as much photos of our dinner that night because I left my baby camera at home. I didn't think it would be wise to bring two cameras to work that day. My work cam weighs as much as an oversized toddler, and isn't the most convenient thing to use to document barkada dinners and such. Not to mention the  rest of the work gear I brought with me. But I had so much fun. I really do have the sweetest friends, and I wish we could've taken photos of each other that night.

Just before passing out after midnight of the 26th, I decided to tweet VyRT. I'll never forget last year when the news of streaming MARS300 was the first thing I woke up to, and decided to get a ticket as a birthday present for myself.

There was a bit of a delay with what was supposed to be my present for myself, so why not get a second present, right? Such a shoppingera. This year, I decided to get myself the earrings I've been eyeing early this year.

Got it from Dewi Design over at etsy and they are as awesome as they look. And super light, like it's not even there. I love it. Also got a few presents from mother, which I loved. Ironically, I am on my way out of my studs and spikes phase. But it looks like she's sparking a new one. Abangan what that will be! I always get beauty products when she gets back. Usually scents and makeup purses because they're not as fussy as beauty creams and makeup. At least for me. Because boys have more knowledge on beauty products and makeup than I do. True story. I checked in from time to time on twitter and facebook and I'd like to thank errone who remembered (or got reminded by facebook) and took time to greet me via tweet and DM. I found out that no one could post on my facebook wall yesterday because it turns out that I blocked everyone from posting anything on it months back. Sorry about that. There were people using my wall as their own classified ads page and it was getting way out of hand and too annoying to ignore. This is coming from a girl who barely even checks her facebook! Anyway, I couldn't have asked for more on my birthday. I got everything I wanted. My mother, and sweet sleep. Yes, I spent most of the day sleeping. The only thing that would make that day perfect would be a shout out from someone. But that's a bit of a stretch. ;)

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