It's a beautiful new year!

First off, thank you to everyone who's read this blog since it began a few months ago. This was my so-called "serious effort to blog", because my tumblr's a mess. A beautiful mess. Because it's basically a hodgepodge of anything and everything I like.

Every start of the year, people seem to have a thing for making a list of resolutions that they stick to for the first quarter of the year. Some see it to the end. Some. I don't remember the last time I made resolutions for the new year. Specific resolutions. Most of the time they're the same vague thing: Live more, be happy.
I responded to it with my usual:

Then this morning, I thought about it. I had the same resolution every year. Be happier, live more. I can't believe I actually stuck to it and saw it through for two years now! Okay, so it's not exactly so hard to stick to that, given how broad of a resolution it is, but still, TWO YEARS! YAY! But to make things challenging, I decided to make a few specific resolutions to stick to. No, this does not include "lose weight". Geez.

This has been my greatest frustration. I want to see the rest of the country. I've never been to Boracay, and I've always wanted to go to Palawan. I've also been begging for a road trip to Sagada for what seems like ages now. I want to go to another continent. I want to go to Japan. Germany. France. Russia. Poland. Thailand. The US too. Which is (at the risk of jinxing it), a target this year. I want to see the world! I want to meet people outside my little island. Ah, wanderlust.

That also includes "outfit photos", because I've made such effort to put on outfits that I'm proud of over the holidays, yet have no photo to show for it! Hysterical, I know. More than that, I just generally want to take more photos of everything. Have more shoots too! The whole "one shoot a month" thing just never seems to happen as often as I'd like. Also, I've got to learn how to take decent self portraits. One of the many things I can't do. XD

I opened up an online store sometime this year to push me to make more stuff, and it failed. Bohemian Rock is currently on hiatus. Also, I don't seem to have enough time to make pieces that I would actually wear. And when I do make one that I'd wear, it never makes it to the store. Because I love it so much that I end up keeping it for myself! Hahaha. Making stuff has been a constant stress release for me. Some time ago it was making paper toys. And sculpting. Early this year, it was cooking. Recently it was painting my nails. This year, I'm hoping it's making those accessories I've been itching to make for months now.

I used to have, for budget reasons, a "one concert a year" policy. Obviously, I junked this policy last year by going to three shows. Okay, two. Because the third one was a live stream. But, I almost went to see five this year if I didn't change my mind about one, because I was swamped with work and had to be up early for VyRT. The other one I had to skip because my budget for it got super delayed. I've been to a few gigs this year too. It's great to see and support your local bands. And I mean the good ones. You'll never know when you find the new "game changer" on the rise, or something like that. The Beatles started on small  gigs too, you know.

For someone who's juggling two to three jobs at a time, I wonder how all these gets done. Sometimes. But, it I get my act together, and get myself more focused and organized, imagine how much more load I can juggle! Not that I intend to be a super multi-tasking ninja princess or anything, but there are a few successful people that I look up to because they do so much and get so much done so well! And when I do see them, yes, I will tell them to teach me their jedi ways. I don't know how they do it! But I'll figure mine out for now.

One of the reasons why I quit my day job was to focus on photography and a bit of film making. Big surprise: I'm still editing and animating. Although I'm having so much fun doing what I do for a living, I still long for the day when I finally take pictures for a living and edit/animate for fun. Because at the moment it's the other way around.

It's a lot less vague and generalized than the past, but nothing too specific. I think they're do-able. I'm already looking forward to the first concert I'm going to this year! What are your resolutions for the new year?

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