And so it begins...

My little romance with music and photography. I've been geeking about taking concert photos and how great the lighting is, or how some moments during a show would look fantastic on a photograph, for far too long. It began on my first rock concert. Fall Out Boy, at the Araneta. Unfortunately, my camera was too scary for the security that they had me surrender it. But I'll never forget how much I wanted to photograph everything that night. And I never stopped taking photos of every concert I've been to since then. I've taken a LOT of crap photos too. Which happens to everyone. Especially at moments when you're juggling one too many things at the same time. Keeping your hand still enough to take a photo, while singing your lungs out, doing a little happy dance, and trying not to freak out too much that at long last, that artist you've been singing along to for years is finally right there in front of you. It can't be helped.

Early this year, I've decided that I will never stop. Music has been a huge part of my life growing up, and it's still a huge part of my life now. I love that there's always a song that best describes a certain moment, or a certain emotion, or a specific scenario that you can't put into words quite right. I love that you can get lost in it for a while, and escape whatever it is that you want to get away from for just a little while. I love those hardcore el screamo music I listen to when I'm upset. That it's as if someone else is screaming all my frustrations for me. I love all that cheery electronic tunes that I play to get me into a good work mood. I love those narrative songs I play from time to time. I love how some songs make me dance around when I'm alone. Or how cozy it makes me feel on a rainy day. So why not? Why not go to a show and take photos of these people, these strangers, who make the music that makes my day? And so it begins. A constant thank you in photographs, to the people who don't know me but have done a thing or two in my life. And maybe someone else's life as well.

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