Embracing my inner rockstar

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a fan of alternative rock music. Yes, I've had my boy band-pop music phase, but rock speaks and inspires in ways that pop music rarely does. Or maybe that's just me. And my discriminating tendencies. So, after years of lazy dressing, conformity, and more lazy "I don't care about what I put on as long as I'm covered" phase, I embrace my inner rockstar. With spikes, and chains, and black.
1. Oxygen 2. Burberry Prorsum Spiked and Studded leather jacket
3. image from 4. ACB Leather Fringe Necklace 5. source unknown
6. allthatshoes 7. source unknown 8. Nastygal

Lots and LOTS of black. My wardrobe is so monochromatic you'd think you're seeing things in black and white. But no, it's just my clothes. Any hint of color, no matter how light, literally screams in there. But I like black and white.

Also, after years of wearing nothing but high heels and one pair of rubber shoes, I get a pair of oxfords with studs! And it was love at first sight, I tell you. The last pair in the store too! And it was so el cheapo, I just couldn't say no. I love bargains. I also love that at least I have one more thing that's NOT black, white, or gray in my closet.

A couple of weeks ago, while getting pieces for my online store, I found this fierce necklace. I automatically reserved one for myself.
This never made it to the store though, since the moment I brought it out, people just wanted it. Now I'm faced with a dilemma on whether or not I sell my piece. THAT of course, is not gonna happen while I'm in love with studs and spikes.

I also saw this fancy little thing whilst window-shopping.
Again, the last one in stock! I feel like such a lucky girl! I've decided when and where I'm gonna wear it. I just need to get that "when and where" part figured out. And fast. Because I feel like I'm running out of time.
This necklace was something I got last year, I think. Apparently this dandy thing had more expensive counterparts. I got mine at around a hundred pesos, which some of my friends found surprising.

Yes, necklace. Ran out of sticky clay to mount it on the wall.

This makes me consider shopping at the local hardware store. Imagine all the rough and tough pieces you can make with bicycle parts? I'm still on the lookout for pieces that'll excite me, since I can't seem to find the time to actually make my own pieces! It's been busy, busy, busy the past few weeks.

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