Interior decorating is love

Not so long ago, me and the parentals made a little trip to the IDeas for living warehouse along Pasong Tamo Extension. Thanks to my sad face, and litany of "how working at home makes me quite sad because I don't get to go out anymore", they finally obliged. Despite the fact that I did go out a lot that week.
Anyway, I've been wanting to see the place after reading about it on a blog. And we just moved to a new house, so it's about time we look at more stuff to decorate the house with. And it's one HUGE place! Not like most shops, they actually have setups for inspiration. Little mock ups of living rooms, dining areas, and even little kiddie rooms.
And there was so much stuff I just want to take home! I just wasn't sure if it was really okay to take pictures though, so I only snapped a few. If I didn't find rugs so high maintainance, I'd have one in my room. I'll think of the rugs another day. These, however, are at the TOP of my list.
I love movies, and I love movie posters. And I love little artworks of cameras and shoes. And I LOVE that they're not as pricey as you think! At about 2500 pesos, you get to take home one of those big movie posters!!!
For the Shiiiiiiiire!
 If anyone out there would be so kind as to get this for me, or make sure that it's still there when I come back next week, you will have one billion good karma points from me. And cookies. Or pizza. I totally geeked out when I saw it. Shame I had to leave the place without it.
If you'd like to pay a visit, IDeas for living is in between Whitespace and Alphaland. And keep your eyes peeled for their logo. It's quite striking in a sea of grey. You'll find the id logo on one of the buildings, but you'll have to go around back for the warehouse. You can't miss it.

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