How to: Make your own glitter shoes

Still have the holiday hangover? Itching to have something sparkly in your closet? I am. Sort of. Anyway, over the hols, I had this odd obsession with having glitter shoes. I was supposed to wear them for Christmas and New Years, but got talked out of it. Anyway, I went to a shoot where the model had her own DIY glitter shoes, and I just had to ask her how she did it.
They may be trendy, they may be here to stay, but I'd rather make my own sparkly glitter shoes than spend as much on a classic pair. So here's how you can have your own glittery pumps without breaking the bank.

SUEDE PUMPS: So it's easier for the glue to stick.
OLD NEWSPAPERS: Laid on the floor or the table, to avoid making a huge mess.
SCHOOL GLUE: Not paste, glue.
GLITTERS: Your color of choice. I prefer gold.
PAINTBRUSH: So you don't dab the glue on the shoe with your hands.

Dip the brush on the glue and apply it on your shoe. Work it in small sections so the glue doesn't dry before you reach step 2.

Sprinkle glitter on the section of the shoe with glue. Be generous with it. Shake off the excess.

Repeat the first two steps until both shoes are covered with glitter.

Let the shoe air dry for a few hours (or overnight). Then, use hairspray on the shoes to make the glitter set.

That's it, and rampage away! Depending on how you wear and store your shoes, you may have to retouch those glitters from time to time. A similar tutorial can also seen at A Beautiful Mess.


  1. Brilliant idea!

  2. Wow! That is such a rich and vibrant color! Where did you get it and what is the actual name of the color (if the name is anything other than "gold"). Thanks for your response in advance.


  3. One day, you'll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one. See the link below for more info.


  4. Oh my gosh, I love this! I think I'll try to make one for a dinner dance party in our office next week. Just wanted to ask if the glitters will not wear off?